Enrique de Inglaterra recibe ofertapara protagonizar film...


Just days after Prince Harry's naked photos surfaced, Vivid Entertainment has offered the red-headed royal big bucks to show off his, um, crown jewels, in his first adult film…to the tune of $10 million. "Dear Royal Sir, we were amused and pleased by the photos of your recent frolic in Las Vegas," Vivid Entertainment CEO Steven Hirsch wrote in a letter to Prince Harry. "What happens there rarely stays there, unfortunately." Here's How Hollywood celebs avoid naked photos "We would like to offer you the opportunity to truly become the coolest Prince of all time, by starring in a fun, sexy, big-budget adult film called 'The Trouble with Harry.' It can be shot in the locale of your choice, and will bring together your exciting Royal world and our thrilling world of beautiful women! Of course 'little Harry' will make an appearance too, but we assure you the sex will be well scripted, and the Crown Jewels will not be ‘minimized' in any way." This isn't the first time Vivid has come up with this kind of proposal to a celeb when revealing photos have come to light. In May of last year, Vivid made a $5 million offer to Pippa Middleton to appear in one of their adult films and $1 million to her brother James after pics of Pippa partying in her bra and her brother partying in the buff popped up. "Prince Harry is the one Royal we can all relate to," Hirsch told E! News. "This film would be a worldwide best-seller. Everyone would HAVE to see it!"

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